Available Patterns

Hand Painted Glass

hand painted sunflower glasswareThere is no limit to the combinations!  You can choose from our wide variety of glassware and service pieces that are ready to ship out or choose any glass style from wine to coffee mugs to beer mugs and have the pattern and color of your choice painted on it.  If you want to add to the drama, choose to have the same pattern painted on a cream and sugar bowl set or salt and pepper shakers or even candle holders and vases.  Why not make your home reflect your own style with custom glassware that fits your personality.  Check out our Glass Patterns here and Contact Us to begin your special order.


Artisan Jewelry

Double Coda on slate front 2All of our jewelry is hand crafted, one piece at a time starting with raw wire and hand coiling and cutting each individual ring before weaving it into intricate patterns.  You can choose from our wide variety which is ready to ship out or have a custom piece made in the pattern and metal of your choice.  We work in Sterling Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Bright Aluminum, Colored Aluminum and Stainless Steel.  See a bracelet pattern you like but want a necklace?  Not a problem!  Special orders are always encouraged.  Check out our Chainmaille Patterns here and Contact Us to begin your special order.