About Us

IMG_20160131_092651630_HDRMakin’ the Best  is all about our love of handmade treasures and is made up of a dynamic husband and wife team; Kimberly; painter, chainmailler, mother, and final word and Andrew; chainmailler, stock-boy and general help; who works as a senior estimator for a local construction company as well as our two sons who keep us running from one event to another at all times!  As a family, we live and breath handmade and are always striving to learn something new.  The result of this passion for creation is a insane case of Crafters ADD!  We can’t get enough so there is always something new in the works.

Our hand painted glass is a way to add color to your world without adding more useless “stuff.”  Everything from wine glasses to coffee mugs to service pieces are hand painted with heat cured enamel which makes it safe in the top rack of your dishwasher…in other words…it is meant to be used rather than put on a shelf to collect dust!  All the patterns are hand painted individually so there will be slight variations on each piece, which is one of the best parts of owning handmade.  If you see a piece you love but need a different color or pattern, contact us and we can get started on your special order.

Another passion is creating chainmaille jewelry from start to finish!  Beginning with raw wire and creating our own rings, chainmaille jewelry is the perfect wearable art piece for those that don’t want to look like everyone else.  We create stunning pieces from sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, bright aluminum as well as colored aluminum.  If you see a piece you love but would like it in a different metal or a necklace to go with a bracelet, please contact us to get started!

We began a forum for all those crafty people out there that love to chat and connect with like minded people.  If you are someone that loves handmade and interested in chatting it up or showing off your creations with other artists, come and join us at the Handmade Artists Forum.

Kimberly & Andrew

MakinTheBest and ChainmailleByMBOI

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