Making Chainmaille Jumprings

Wire coils close upCoiling wire close up

We create almost all of our jumprings for our jewelry from start to finish beginning with raw wire in a variety of metals.  We must first create long coils by winding the wire around a variety of mandrels in whatever size we need for each pattern.

CoilsJump ringer with coil close up

We then lay these coils in in a JumpRinger which is basically a metal base with a channel to hold the coil nice and steady.  Once you put on the top you are ready to cut using a sharp blade on a flex shaft!  Makes quite a racket but creates amazingly perfectly cut jumprings!

Jump ringer flex shaft bladeJump ringer flex shaft cutting

Once the rings are cut you are left with a glittery pile of rings in the perfect size with clean cuts which close to an almost invisible seam.  Now the fun part….creating your new piece of wearable art!

Jump ringer cut rings close upCut rings 2

Each and every piece of jewelry we create is done with love and care and attention to detail.  All of our closures are checked and rechecked to insure that your new treasure will last for years to come without worry about snagging or sharp edges.  If you have a question or are ready to get started on your own special order, please feel free to contact us.