Sterling Silver Full Persian Chainmaille Bracelet

persian chainmaille jewelry

Want a stunner that is so airy looking it seems to float on your wrist while still making a statement?  This piece is for you!  A Sterling Silver bracelet intricately woven into a Full Persian chainmaille pattern.  Slinky and soft, the light plays both inside and out of each ring.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

Sterling Silver Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet

Light and easy to wear!  Dress it up or keep it casual, this Sterling Silver Byzantine Chainmaille bracelet will quickly become your go to piece.  Starting with sterling silver wire that was hand cut into hundreds of tiny rings, this bracelet is created by hand from start to finish into a classic Byzantine pattern.

Sterling Silver Turkish Roundmaille Necklace

chainmaille necklace sterling silver roundmaille

A stunning statement piece.   Sterling silver Turkish Roundmaille Chainmaille necklace created with hundreds of sterling silver rings….sure to get you noticed every time you wear it.

Chainmaille Jewelry

Chainmaille is an ancient artform that dates back as far as the 4th Century BC.  It was originally created and used as armored protection is battles.  Because there are not too many sword fights going on…

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